External links types for Works: sufficient options?


I’ve found a external link for

ChoralWiki, home of the Choral Public Domain Library
However there is apparently no non-depreciated external relationship in which this link fits on the Work/Edit page.

I see that I can go a circular route and claim that this metadata is actually a lyrics page (It does have the lyrics too.) And link it to the recording. However that seems a very partial solution if there are many recordings of a work.

I do have some appreciation of the great benefits that keeping choices very tight has for the usability of MusicBrainz. And think that those responsible for that are doing well. But around Works I think that broader external links are needed.

Unless I am missing something (which is very possible)?


Looks like you’d need to request a new ‘other databases’ for that site. Or get it added to the score whitelist.


@mmirG: Please make a ticket on the bugtracker. That is a better place for this request than the forum.


CPDL is actually in the score whitelist. But the autoselect didn’t work because of http://tickets.musicbrainz.org/browse/MBS-8985 - that’s now fixed in beta, so I’ve added the relevant link to this work! :slight_smile:

Edit: Also added http://tickets.musicbrainz.org/browse/MBS-8998 about it not showing on the sidebar.


Have added ticket for Spanish early music db Cancioneros Musicales Españoles to be added to db whitelist.

The bug tracker UI looked horrific at first. :scream:

Once I logged in it then became obvious that I was in the right place. :sunglasses:


It kind of is, to be honest. Newer versions are somewhat better, but we’ve been “going to update one of these days” for like a year (server issues are of course not helping). So, hopefully it’ll improve one of these days :wink:


One advantage of the present layout is worth considering - anyone without IT skills is not going to be creating uninformed bug reports. Making it too friendly will result in an increase in, “The album art isn’t loading, why is your program so dumb?” tickets.

Maybe I should just have toughened up if I’m knowledgable enough to lodge a ticket? :grin:
Though for a few seconds there I did wonder if mfmeulenbelt had sent me off with instructions to get a box of 15mm holes for the next batch of CDs.


Yeah, having mastered filing a ticket with Jira is definitely something you should earn a badge for. I see this all the time wherever Jira is used: Developers love it, the not so technical people (often forced into using it) hate it (btw, I’m in the “Developers who don’t like Jira very much” camp).


Jira can be hard to get to used to, but compared to other bug trackers such as Bugzilla it’s actually not that bad. But these systems are made by developers for other developers, so user-friendliness is probably not high on the list of priorities.


I liked trac very much, I would always find tickets back with its simple search (but it apparently lacked some features).