Lost with Artist Bio and Picture

Hello, i’m trying to push a bio and a artist picture.
But i’m realy lost with.
I’ve a project that 'll be release soon, and i want to to do that before.
I’ve put a link from a picture from commons wikimedia but no luck with, and i don’t understand where i can write a short bio.

Here’s the artist name : leap fidei
the link to the artist:

I’m sorry, i’m sure that the subject existing but i’m looking for my problem and i ve no clue.
Someone could help me with my projet ?

Thanks a lot !

Hmm… when i see my post i see the commons wilki image thak work with my artist …
Strange, in plex or jellyfin, the artist dont have picture or bio…
Maybe it could help you to understand ?

MusicBrainz doesn’t currently display artist images, as far as I’m aware. There’s some more info at How to get artist image, bio?.

The 2020-11-15 start date on the “person” artist that you added probably isn’t correct (unless it’s really describing a person who was born just 3.5 years ago!). Start dates for people should contain when they were born. If this is more of a project, you can use the “group” type and then set the start date to the date when the project was started.


Ok thanks for your answer.
I’ve changed the status artist for groupe, it’s better :wink:

But for the picture i’m still lost.
Nothing come in plex or Jellyfin but picture looks like linked between Musicbrainz and Commons wiki.

One example on Jellyfin :

The artist have an Artist picture and a Font picture…
Can’t understand what’s the good process to have that automation with my artist

The question is where Plex and Jellyfish get their artist pictures from.

I use neither of those tools, but https://www.reddit.com/r/PleX/comments/t3expv/where_does_plex_get_artist_images_from/ indicates Plex might use allmusic for both bio and picture.

Jellyfin uses metadata providers. There is a MusicBrainz plugin, but a cursory look at the plugin source code indicates it does not support fetching artist images from MB. You could open a feature request with Jellyfin, asking for support for artist images from MB.

You might also want to try a different plugin. E.g. there is a plugin for TheAudioDB, which seems to implemeny an artist image provider.

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Ok, makes sens, Thanks a lot for your response.

But one more question, why for my artist musicbrainz don’t fetch artist image from MB but for other artists it is ok ? like dre in my example ?

I think Fanart.tv is one of the sources Jellyfin uses (especially for the logo), among others, I believe

I don’t think this image got fetched from MB. MB has this one linked: File:Dr. Dre in 2011.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Rather the image seems to be from TheAudioDB at Dr. Dre | TheAudioDB.com

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hooo that’s true ! i must check it, thanks a lot for the tips.

Yes thats the second probleme, TheAudioDB… i can’t sign in… since a lot of time, impossible to create a account.