How to get artist image, bio?

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I want to get artist image by artist lookup api.

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AFAIK MusicBrainz doesn’t offer artist images. If someone has added a Wikipedia- or Wikidata link to the artist, informations like “artist image” or “bio” will be pulled from this sources - if available.

If this sources doesn’t have any artist image (respecting the publishing- and other rights) MB also can’t display it.


We’re currently not displaying artist images at all, but you could follow the Wikidata links and try to get the image from there. Make sure to either link back to Commons or print the appropriate attribution.


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reosarevok, is there any possibility in the future of including artist images in the database, even if it is just fetched from other sources?

@AudioBlip I don’t think that this will happen any soon:

…While we wait for Wikimedia Commons and Creative Commons to take action on this, we will not reinstate artist images or include any images that link to Wikimedia Commons…


Well, this is disappointing. Greedy mugs abusing Creative Commons…

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IIRC supports MBID lookups for images. is a reasonable source for artist bios but of course there is no disambiguation so you can end up with pages like this… :stuck_out_tongue:

There are at least 14 bands with the name Revolt:

Both have APIs where you’ll need to register for an API key.