Looking for a foobar2000 equivalent on Linux

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I am now using Debian stable Linux instead of Windows XP.
I am looking for a foobar2000 replacement.

I used to do everything in it so I hope I won’t have to use separate programs for ripping, playing and tagging:

  • Tagging Audio CD (it automatically uses a metadata folder called %appdata%\foobar2000\cddb for that)
  • Tagging files (MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc.)
  • Tagging from MusicBrainz (files and Audio CD alike) (just artist, title, album, date, disc and track number / no need MBID, relationships, etc.)
  • Playing Audio CD
  • Ripping Audio CD
  • Playing files
  • Having multiple tabs (playlists) open (not playing) simultaneously
  • Having extremely simple, minimalist, desktop integrated interface


  • Being extensible and heavily customisable (I don’t need this badly)
  • Scrobbling (but I don’t really use this any more)
  • It also has CD-TEXT support but I cannot ask for the Moon

I had a quick look in MusicBrainz Enabled Applications.

Quod Libet looks nice but is completely lacking Audio CD support.

Strawberry seems to have it but I don’t like the cat and strawberry pictures all over the place. I was wondering if we could remove them.

Then I found elsewhere Clémentine which seems to have the features, but why isn’t it part of MeiscBrainz Enabled Applications?
Is it not famous yet? Lacking some big stuff? No one uses it?

If you recognise yourself in the feature request list above, please tell what you use on Linux. :slight_smile:

For info, I already have Picard and @JonnyJD’s isrcsubmit tools installed.

But as I don’t know very much Linux yet, I don’t want to install many things to test them, I fear I would leave in place many bogus packages when uninstalling tested players.

Maybe there’s no better foobar2000 than foobar2000 :slight_smile:


Tried DeaDBeeF yet?

It seems it is listed. Right above foobar2000 :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, I will try all these and also Audacious.
I will try on a Raspberry Pi first, that I can reset more easily after all tests.

I forgot to say also, I don’t need media library and I need customisable global hotkeys. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@jesus2099 is a Linux user now. Excellent! :sunglasses:

The best players for your requirements are probably DeaDBeeF and Rhythmbox. DeaDBeeF is more similar to foobar2000. Some familiar features are a layout editor, plugins, and fb2k title formatting scripts.

Clementine is well known in the GNU/Linux/BSD world, but it was not maintained for nearly four years. Now it is getting some attention again, so maybe someone will update its interface. Strawberry is a fork of Clementine that adds some new features, but it still has the same old interface. (You can disable the cat photo under Settings → Appearance → Background image.)

I don’t want to install many things to test them, I fear I would leave in place many bogus packages when uninstalling tested players.

If you use a package management GUI, it might remove these automatically. On the command line, you can do it yourself with this command: sudo apt autoremove. You can also also tell APT to remove unused packages when uninstalling an application: apt remove clementine --auto-remove

It’s important to be able to try new software without a worry! :smile:


I moved to Linux several years ago and foobar2000 is the one reason I use WINE. It was a bit of a pain to get the NAS, DSD, hi-res and the USB-DAC to play nice, but all is good now. I have heard good things about DeaDBeeF. Good luck.

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For rippers take a look at whipper mainly as it checks against the acuraterip database.This will verify that your rip of the cd matches the rip that someone else has done.

I occasionally use rhythmbox or vlc by dragging and dropping files from the network share and playing an album at a time.

Kodi is also a good option for a full screen media player.
Great option if you have a spare raspberry pi, xbox or a smart tv that can be dedicated to playing music while you work.

You can look at music servers such as dnla servers as well as plex to allow you to store all your music on a nas and share it out to other devices.
There are also web based players such as ampache that you install on your webserver to share your music then all you need is a browser to play music.

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