Long Format Videos of Interest to the MBz Nerd Community

So I’ve thought of this for a while, there’s a few of us music nerds who share similar interests/passions and there’s a lot of video content out there that we share already or might want to share with each other.

So this is a thread to do that.

Basic guidelines are:

  • Long format videos (around 10 minutes or more)
  • Hosted on a streaming platform (free or paid for)
  • Must be about music in some capacity (like production, analysis, trivia)
  • One video per reply, and try and do one a week or so; as to stop this from being a dumping ground.

I’ll start the ball rolling:

A 1 hour and a bit documentary of a guys memories of working for Columbia House, one of the rather famous “record clubs” that existed during the 20th Century.


This guy does reviews of old media technology. He’s got quite a few fascinating videos on medium formats of all sorts, some of which I’d never heard of until I discovered his channel years ago.


Pretty much everything from Adam Neely is super interesting. One video I’d want to highlight is his discussion of how “music theory” is almost always used in an eurocentric manner (because white supremacist ideology sneaks in in so many parts of our lives that we are oblivious to if it doesn’t get pointed out to us):


Here’s one about collecting vinyl and some of the characters who obsessively collect.


The videos on this channel will likely make an apperance a few times in this thread, this recent one I enjoyed listening to.

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I enjoyed this documentation of the history of the MiniDisc format. I still regret having given away my portable MD player / recorder :smiley:


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I posted this somewhere on here a while back, but I’ll add it here too~

PergProductions made a great series on the history of metal and it’s many subgenres. even if you’re not really into metal, it’s still quite a fun watch~ the playlist is below, or here’s the first video in the series

(I know, it’s technically more than one video…) :wink:


An introduction to music trackers:


:point_up: Ahoy is pretty great! does a lot of video game/computer history videos too~ I was literally just listening to 4mat, one of the tracker musicians he mentions!

just about anything Polyphonic has made is real interesting~ really enjoyed his recent look at House of the Rising Sun, but I always like to share Carol Kaye:


As a purveyour of budget releases this is an entertaining watch, maybe we could become the database that can accurately identify these re-recordings!


Analysis/production video by Ken Marshall, known as mixing engineer for a variety of post-industrial bands, including Front Line Assembly and Skinny Puppy. In this video he breaks down the song I. E. D. from 2010 FLA’s album “Improvised Electronic Device” (industrial-metal/electro-industrial), track by track. 50 minutes long and very informative.


I feel like this is a strangely wasteful product


Thought, have we captured any ringtones yet? :nerd_face: seems like something @UltimateRiff would be interested in


Another entry, another interesting and concise dive into a British institution

I’ve been following this podcaster for about a year now. She does a weekly series called Multi Level Mondays that covers multilevel marketing companies and other scams. One episode deals with BurnLounge, a now-defunct MLM that dealt in digital music downloads:


Thank you! Fascinating topic!!

I’ve gone deep into the MLM tunnels (not joining them hah, just reading…) and it’s fascinating! I’ve actually been looking for rips of MLM ‘training tapes’ for ages. Sub-orgs of MLMs like Amway pump them out like crazy, in their thousands, but it’s actually quite hard to find any online in full.

If anyone has an aunty with a bunch of that crap lying around, hook me up :grin:

If anyone curious, here is a full rip off an older one that someone in Discord was kind enough to point out: How To Earn $550.00 Cash : Matt Dalley : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

P.s. fascinating in a morbid curiosity sense - pyramid schemes are a blight upon the earth. But there’s some interesting psychology involved.


I was going to recommend checking out Uncommon Ephemera on YouTube, as they had a collection of obscure media like this. Unfortunately they took their entire collection down upon receiving complaints from copyright trolls :sob:

whelp, I guess this video proves me a little bit wrong… lol


This makes me feel c r e a t i v e :smiley:

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