Long Format Videos of Interest to the MBz Nerd Community

This video sets out to figure out who really made the original Roblox “Oof” sound (spoiler: it was (most likely) Joey Kuras)… and takes a massive detour to unravel (some of) all the lies that Tommy Tallarico keep telling about himself. It ends up with discussing how a lot of artists involved with creating video games go unrecognised (like the mostly female Capcom Sound Team) and how important it is to record/archive history as it happens (like we’re doing!) and other talk about video game music in general.

After watching this, I’m curious how many of Tallarico’s credits need fixing…


incredible video, I kept going “He didn’t, he didn’t, HE DID” throughout. I half expected him to ask if his name really was Tommy Tallarico!~

I’ve posted this video on the forums before, but it reminds me of jan misali’s video on Caramelldansen, a tale of lost media, historical revisionism, and balsamic vinegar:

(it also reminds me of Internet Historian’s videos The Fall of 76 and The Engoodening of No Man’s Sky, but those are more video game related, not really music related)


I hate to double-post, but in the comments of the OOF video, someone mentioned Defunctland also did a video recently in a similar vein

I never even watched the Disney Channel, but I found the deep dive into production music absolutely fascinating~


I’ve started this, it’s great so far :smiley:

absolutely amazing watch - I agree production music is such a dark-art :smiley:

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