ISRCHunt: Is a songs ISRC already in Musicbrainz?

Hi there,

I created a tool to check if a songs ISRC is already in Musicbrainz: ISRCHunt

It works like this:

  • enter a spotify playlist url (for example Rock This - playlist by Spotify | Spotify)
  • the songs from the playlist get loaded into a table with these columns: Title, Artist, Release, Added at, ISRC, Status
  • To check if a songs ISRC is in Musicbrainz, click the check button. If it is already in the database, the status will change to ‘1’, if it is not the status will become ‘0’
  • If it is not in the database, you can add the release via the a-tisket link

I made this to make it easier to enter new releases and keep Musicbrainz up to date. This is a first version, if it is useful to more people I can improve it.

Please let me know what you think.


Promising but there there seems an annoying bug. When checking the status it will always jump to page 1

Was already able to spot some missing ISRCs for releases I added a few weeks ago :+1:


Thanks for checking out the site and your feedback, I fixed the pagination bug.

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Small update to the site: You can now check an artist for missing ISRC’s, just enter the spotify artist url in the form or click on an artist in the list from a spotify playlist.

As it is friday, there are a lot of new releases to add to Musicbrainz, check out for example!

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Does ISRC Hunt support playlists with more than 100 tracks? It only loads 100 for this one:

It does now :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s slightly confusing as there are now 2 pagination mechanisms, but it is useful for now.


I’ve been using this quite a bit lately and I think it’s fantastic. It makes adding new digital releases easier and I’d be excited for additional features.


Thank you for checking out the site!

I made some updates:

  • A page for new releases on spotify ISRC Hunt - New Releases This page shows the new releases on spotify. It is different from a list of tracks. If you push the check button, it will check if the spotify url of the release is present in musicbrainz. If so, the status is set to 1, if not, the status is set to 0 and you could add the release via atisket
  • I changed the artist overview to be based on releases instead of tracks too. This is because the spotify api doesn’t have an easy way to get all tracks by an artist, but it does have a nice way to get all releases by an artist. Again, if the check button is clicked, it will check if the spotify url of the release is in the Musicbrainz database

Let me know if there are any features you would like to be added.


A way to check all with one go would be useful. It doesn’t have to happen quickly, obviously it would need to be rate-limited probably, but “click, wait a bit, come back to the results” is a lot less tiring than “click 30 times” :slight_smile:


This was a no brainer, I added it.


Very cool! I’ve added this to the external resources wiki page - but people directed to the tool via there might be confused.

Perhaps the very basic ‘To check if a songs ISRC is in Musicbrainz, click the check button. If it is already in the database, the status will change to ‘1’, if it is not the status will become ‘0’’ could be added to the footer :slight_smile:


I usually use SoundExchange’s ISRC search tool. I’ve found that this site and ISRCFinder (which searches Spotify) don’t always have the same ISRCs for a particular track or album, and one will have tracks that the other doesn’t. My experience is certainly anecdotal, but I’ve generally had better luck with SoundExchange.

Is Spotify considered to have accurate info?

I would expect these ISRCs on Spotify to be provided by artists/labels, but mistakes can always happen and having more than one ISRC for a recording is not too uncommon either sadly.

Thanks for adding the site to the wiki!

The user interface needs some cleaning up indeed and some instructions should be given as well indeed.

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ISRC Hunt has the same problem with these international URLs it seems:

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Thanks for the info, something to work on :grinning:

Edit: where is this causing problems? I can’t replicate it.

Doesn’t work:


I see, easy fix, it works now.
Thanks for using the site!

Oh this is too good. Thank you for this tool! One of the most tedious things is finding missing releases to add, so this will be super helpful.

Three things
1: Would it be possible to allow a profile to be used instead of a playlist… and have it show me everything from every artist I follow? :laughing: Spotify – Web Player I am following 1,100+ kpop artists, if this could help me find every release missing it would be amazing!

2: It seems to remember status and send them back to the site which is cool. Would it be possible to have an option to hide ones already in MB so there is less searching through pages for missing stuff? Make it a bit easier to work through very large playlists.

3: A companion UserScript for this would be great. Like for spotify have it open a link for the artist/playlist currently being viewed on ISRCHunt, and likewise on MB if the artist has a spotify relationship added.

Thanks for using the site and the suggestions.

I need to think a bit about the first two, as they are not easily matched to the Spotify api. The Userscript would be easy to make.

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