ISRCHunt: Is a songs ISRC already in Musicbrainz?

Seems like there might be a bug for big artists. I’ve come across a number of ones where they have 2 pages shown on ISRCHunt but whenever I click the second page it says

No data available in table

Two example artists

Hmm, seems to be a known bug in the spotify api when using include groups

I will make it so that albums and singles can be fetched separately by entering


ISRC Hunt is missing a release that I can see on Spotify or

Strange, when I test it on my local machine I see it. I will look into it.

Would it be because it isn’t available in the US and that’s where the server is located?

Could very well be! Maybe I should make market and country configurable.

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It is confirmed to be due to the market, I will make this configurable via a dropdown.


Will you be open to taking contributions to code?

I might.

Is it a one time thing you would like to add? Than I can add it. If you would like to add features more often I might open source it on github.


I wanted to play around with the artist page. Right now only spotify links are checked to confirm if release is in the db, I wanted to check for each track individually within those albums.

And another thing was about a bug where if I scroll when the checking is in progress, some of the albums are missed but is was not reproducible everytime, so wanted to investigate what was causing it.

and I was looking at couple of ui changes like making zeros and ones to symbols of ticks or something.

also hiding all green albums somewhere in a collapsible menu as most users, I feel, do not need them to see in ui because they are here to add ones not in the db.

these were some of my thoughts when using it, and I am using it a lot cuz its an excellent tool, and these QoL changes would make it even better.

I can do the changes and hence did not want to bother you

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Sounds good. Not sure how to proceed, but you can contact me at gmail, my username before the