Is there a way to search for an artists/bands top rated or popular songs?

Hi I’m new and noob.

When I search an artist it seems to be ordered by year.
Is there a way to order by popularity?

No, not really - we don’t really have a concept of “popularity” at the moment (and it’d be pretty hard to have it). There’s been talk of using amount of data or something like that to order searches, since that’s the closest we can really get to “popularity” in a programmatic manner, but that’d still mean that an old obscure band with 10 albums would be more “popular” than a new, top-hit band with one album and the same name.

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We do have the 1-5 star rating thingy. Perhaps that could be used to aggregate searches?

Thanks guys, it was worth the ask.

I wasn’t thinking along the lines of artist vs artist popularity, rather more popular songs by an artist.

I thought maybe musicbrainz might have counted how many times a song was queried on its database or something, which might have given an indication.

Thanks anyway.

Cool website, amazing resource.

Unless I run into a situation where I absolutely must do something different, I search by artist.
I then click the song from there. So, search tallies may not be a good way.

I understand, I often do that myself when I’m unsure of the song title.

For the record though, clicking on a song is still a database query for that song.