Introduction of top and popular Songs

The ListenBrainz Radio is incredible. It works very well and is fun to play with. I miss being able to view top or popular songs. I’m not saying the results of the radio were bad but having a playlist that plays the 100 top songs of the week/month/year of rock, pop, edm would be great. There are a lot of different clusters in music. The 100 top songs of the 60s but popular in 2023. Maybe the top 100 songs of the 60s are different in 2024.

There’s a post from 2018 in musicbrainz. What’s the stance today for listenbrainz?


Thanks – that is music to my ears! And a round of improvements should be coming in the next week or two.

We were always open to this data, but MB simply didn’t have it back in 2018. But with LB, we now have popularity data and it is a key ingredient in what makes LB Radio tick.

So, yes, those playlists sound like fun – could you please open a ticket on Loading... with the “troi” component? I’m not ready to work on new playlists just yet, but soon I’ll be looking for new things to create.

Already on the list:

  1. Play collection by release date
  2. Play collection alphabetically (yes, people do this)
  3. Play by decade, filter by years
  4. Make a playlist by continent so I can “fill up africa” on my map.