Is there a standard way to group film scores by franchise?

I’d like to tag my Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi (etc.) soundtracks so I can create a “Star Wars” smart playlist.

My first thought is to just do something that “works for me” like Franchise=“Star Wars” and Episode=4… but is there a “proper” set of tags to use for such things?

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You could (I think) make a Series of Release Groups.

This looks like the height of propriety to me.

edit: Your thread title says scores but your post says soundtracks. If you really mean scores then it might be a Series of a Series of Works.

I have used folksonomy tags to track franchises before. Said tags can organize across different entity types.
I did create a JIRA ticket a few years ago to add “Franchise” as an entity type, but as of this writing it has gone nowhere.

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