Is it appropriate to add a company as an Artist?

I have a CD where on cover is printed:

Executive producer: George M. Martynuk Inc.

Note the “Inc.”, it explicitly states that that’s not a person, but a company. The company exist indeed, it has a website:

Is it appropriate to add this company as an “Artist”, and link recordings to it as “Executive producer”? If yes, should the type of the Artist be “Other” or something else?


This seems to have come up before:

There Billy_Yank wrote in

May '18

I really don’t see any problem with a company as artist. I’ve added Hypgnosis as a graphic designer on a number of releases because that’s the way it’s credited. I’ve also added a few photography studios and photographic archives for photography credits.

And there was no sign of disagreement by the rest of us.

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I’d also add a tag such as
company or company as artist

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It is also highly likely that “George M Martynuk” only created the company for tax reasons.

I’d say no unless it’s absolutely necessary. Adding an executive producer does not seem to be that necessary.