Listing a company as an artist/technician

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Hi all.

I made this edit, which got challenged with reason, and I’m not sure how I should resolve the issue.

The problem is that the album credits a company (a studio), not an individual technician, for the recording (I’ve had a similar issue with a piano technician). MB expects a physical person in those instances, but I cannot provide one. It has been suggested to me to enter the company as the recording place, but a recording place already exists and it is very different (live event, not in the studio’s city). Label-release and label-recording relationships have already been pointed to me, but (apart from the fact that the studio is probably not a label), none seems to correspond.

What would be the right thing to do?

  • Enter the studio as an artist and credit them as the recording engineer (current state of affairs);
  • Use another, (ill-suited?) relationship/status for the company;
  • Enter the credit as an annotation of the release and leave it at that;
  • Something else?

Thanks for your insight.

I have a parallel case where the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is credited in the CD booklet as doing the recording for Live: Winners from the 3rd Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition July 1999

The CA design for this Release is also credited to a company.

My thinking is that a company in the non-legal sense is similar to a duo, group, band or orchestra and that extending the ability to be a creative entity out to a legal company may be the best way forward.

The obvious (to me) alternative is to use
[unknown] credited as Australian Broadcasting Corporation
The possible downside of this MAY be that “credited as” doesn’t get much weight in a future wonderful search function and so ends up being pretty much redundant and largely un-related data.

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I really don’t see any problem with a company as artist. I’ve added Hypgnosis as a graphic designer on a number of releases because that’s the way it’s credited. I’ve also added a few photography studios and photographic archives for photography credits.


@Billy_Yank: So did I. Some nice examples:

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OK, so to summarize, this is not a completely absurd workaround. Thanks.

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