Inserting Cover art (album art or album artwork)

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After musicbrainz has done its magic collecting all the metadata. Sometimes the cover art is missing.

What I currently do, is google the album and use windows snipping tool to grab the image. Then drag and drop the image onto each file track and then resave the album.

I can’t seem to drop it onto the album so all the songs get it. So I have been doing it individually, little time consuming though it gets the job done. Is there a quicker way??


Have you considered adding the images to musicbrainz?
I mean, it isn’t going to help you. But it will help the database in general.


Give this a try and see if it works for you (because it works here with Picard 1.4.2 on Windows 7).

Cover-art multiple files

Maybe you can try Jaikoz. In Jaikoz it’s possible to add the image (front and/or back cover(s)) to all tracks of an album at once.


I have though, I’m not overly fused on what picture i use. Sometime I will just put a picture of the band/ singer. Doesn’t mean its the correct cover art


That worked rdswift, I was doing it the wrong way, thanks again


Excellent! Glad I could help.