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Good morning,

Is there something wrong with the addon to import realeases from Discogs. Does not work anymore. The import button is gone :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I use Firefox



Works for me™ on FF+Greasemonkey.

You have to be more specific about the software you are using. Firefox version, Userscript addon (what you are using to run the Discogs import script). Make sure you are using the latest version of the import script. Which release did you try to import?


Hi Wlhlm

Import Discogs releases to MusicBrainz Version 2020.9.131

Firefox Version: 84.0 (64-bits) - Firefox is up to date

Tried on several releases. The import button is just gone

Tried it on another browser. Tried is with Greasemonkey, Tempermonkey.

Funny thing is… on my other computer everything is still working but I cant use that computer grrrrr

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can you give a link to the album your trying to import so it is easer to fined and then others can look at it and tell you if it is showing up for them :slight_smile:

I can see the purple MB thingies next to the artists names but some one stole my import button. How can I send a picture here?

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thanks for the link. just drag and drop the image in to your txt box from where ever you have it

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This is the main release you see the purple thingies next to the artist names. But when I go to the version realease its gone again as my importbutton

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it shows up for me on chrome if i click the albums. is it showing up on any other artist for you?

nope not on chrome not on ff

Every album looks like the pictures I have send you

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sounds like your computer may be the problem from the sounds of that maybe it is something to with the way it is handling the browsers. what os are you running? sometimes that can afect your browser if it is to old. @wlhlm do you have any ideas

Windows 10
Firefox Version: 84.0 (64-bits) - Firefox is up to date
Import Discogs releases to MusicBrainz Version 2020.9.131

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Yes, the import link also shows up for me.

FF 83, just updated to FF 84 and that works as well.
Win 10
Discogs Import 2020.9.13.1

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off the top of my head the only thing i think you can try is a restart and possibly a reinstall of ff tho i dont think a reinstall will help as it is both chrome and ff that it is not showing up on. so it is up to you maybe @IvanDobsky can give you some ideas or know someone that can help you better

I’ve been asked, but don’t really know much more to add. Update Firefox, update Greasemonkey. Remove the script from Greasmonkey, restart Firefox, add script back into Greasemonkey, feed the monkey a banana :banana:

Do you have any other scripts on that page?

Yerk! I use Vivaldi and have the same problem on this PC with that album!! But only THAT album.

I noticed it was very slow plodding down the page putting the pink links into place… maybe one of the artists on the page making it crash for us. Will now go look on other machines… back soon.

For example - this works fine:

But put a half dressed blonde on the page, and it no button appears.


GRRRR same problem

This is happening on other computers too for me. Each time I see very slow pink dot\links and then the page just stops. Not sure if all the pink dots are loaded or not.

Okay - weird, so your computer doesn’t like Jim either? Puzzling… but you are missing pink dots.

Something causes the page to fail to fully load for you (us)

Did restart, did reinstall

oke thats a step forward. But whatttttttttttttttttttt???

have you restarted your pc never know it may help if you have not :slight_smile: