Import Discogs releases to MusicBrainz

Hi all

I have lost my import button. Is there something wrong with Discogs or with this script?

I’m logged in to Discogs

Greets Tis

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Script is dead for now. See this thread: Discogs images

Discogs have changed their website code for the release pages. In the above thread there are also links to the Discogs forum pages discussion (second post)

The worrying thing is I can’t see how the script can be fixed for larger releases as they are now breaking releases into pages of 25 tracks :frowning: Seems a very backwards design in many ways and causing a lot of problems in the Discogs thread


Thank you Ivan, I’m gonna find me a small dark corner and cry !


Give it some time. Discogs is playing around.
It’s the third time they are testing new layout for the release page. They will change it back for sure again. It will be fine again when they revert it


ah well enough other things to do for MB

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Why do you think Discogs will revert it? As that thread shows, they don’t care about the users. It is a very strange regime over there. Makes you appreciate the MB team even more. MB listen and have their meetings in the open. I can’t remember the last time they really broke things on an update. I also can’t see them telling people to get stuffed and lump it like Discogs do.

All we can do is wait for it to settle down and hope the script wizard can update for us. Finding a way around the pagination of a large release could be an interesting one to solve.


I think they will revert it again, because this is the way how they gather their bugs information. They wait until people will report enough bugs. Then they will roll back to a previous version.

This is just a small part of a “major” update according to the staff comments.

But you’re right, the way they handle the updates at the moment are very strange.

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I suppose you could still use Albunack to import releases from Discogs if you have to.


A word of caution if you do: it doesn’t query MB in real time, so you should cross-reference frequently to make sure you don’t accidentally import duplicate releases.


I’ll wait till the bug has been fixed :slight_smile: Thanks for the info

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I have updated the Discogs importer to get it working on the new release page layout, all other pages (artist, label, master) should be working as they previously did:

If you want to continue importing releases and can’t wait for the changes to get published you can try out my version (which is also checking against the main repository for updates).


Thanks, I merged your changes to main repo. It will ease upgrades for users.


Thank you so much :slight_smile: