Discogs images

Anyone else having problems with Discogs images today. It appears they have made them all a format that you can no longer upload to MB.


New layout is rolled out (again):

Also hooray for broken Discogs import userscript:


Go to Edit a Release instead, and Edit images. You can then copy JPGs from there. BUT you have to click on the VIEW button for each image one by one…

That annoying webp format can be converted to JPG, but a hassle.

[edited to give full instructions]

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I’ll try that. So far it seems no matter what I do it’s a webp image. It was bad enough when they truncated all images down, now this. I guess someone is pressuring them to not allow images to be copied from them.

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Thanks! That works, but boy is that annoying.

I just tried it using IvanDobsky’s suggestion and the script worked if you copy the link from the edit images page.

Discogs is annoying… that thread talks about “improvements” to their GUI, but it is just a shop front. Don’t think they like the idea of being a database now. Gonna break the import scripts :frowning:

As with previous Discogs stuff, don’t shout too loud as to where JPGs are picked up from. They will soon stop that method otherwise. The fact they don’t even let Discogs users view the large images shows the contempt they hold for the people who have built their database. If I upload images to them now now I only do 600x600.


And you have to click on view images and not just the image they initially show to get an image larger than 300x300. Man it was awesome last year when you could get full size images from there.


Keep in mind that they likely never intended this “feature” to exist in the first place.
Someone discovered this loophole, spread the word, traffic increased and in the end it got “fixed”.

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Image Max URL ticket concerning Discogs full size images:


I’ve always used that Edit Images page. I find it easier to click on all the VIEW buttons with my middle mouse button and open lots of pages. Even when we have the nice Image Download tool.

What is noticeable about those threads you post is what is not being said in there. No one official gives a sensible response.


Kind of on topic, but re. uploading CAA workflow, I can highly recommend using this script to remove a bunch of steps

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Yeah, it doesn’t work anymore unless you follow the above steps by going to edit images on Discogs first.


Seems both the Discogs import script and all it’s glorious MB links is now broken as well :-(.


For now, the “glorious MB links” are still on the Edit pages and the Master pages. Only Release pages have been converted so far…

Yeah, I noticed if I click on the label itself, it’ll give me the link, but all this extra clicking it’s causing. The release link still shows up on the release page, but none of the artist or label links.

They were converted at least 6 months ago, at least for me. It used to be you could defeat the new layout by logging into an account or configuring your cookie settings, but now even that doesn’t work.
I made an MBS ticket because as part of this revamp they also changed the favicon for release pages.

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This could be why I was mostly avoiding it. I am usually logged in and slam their abusive cookie pop-up using UBlock Origin’s “Block Element” to totally suppress it. I wipe out cookies on each restart of my browser so that was getting VERY annoying to click through their annoying advert biased defaults.

Today I did notice the webp were back, so just flipped back to my normal method of using the Edit Images page. Thinking about it this was likely “morning” USA time as I know I was using the pink links this morning GB time.

Weird. Nothing changed for me until today. I’ve been using the CAA script with no issues unitl today and all the links from the import script were there before. It was really easy to right click on those MB link logos copy the URL and paste it on MB, so that I didn’t have to make sure I was choosing the correct artist if they were linked correctly.

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