I would like a review of my edit as new contributor


I have contributed a lot on Discogs, but for organising and indexing classical performances, it’s not always ideal.

I am currently adding & updating a recording / work / release by Tadeusz Baird.
As I need to adapt myself to the structure, I made a few errors, by adding both performing & composing artists to the release and the recording.
(Probably the discogs mind set…)

I updated some of the errors, but as they are in a queue now, it’s a bit hard to continue.

My questions:
-can someone review what I have edited and vote what is correct?
-any suggestions on how to enter everything in the best manner.

The links to my edits are:
Work: Work “Four Essays” - MusicBrainz
(Also check the parts, I’m not sure I should repeat the main title?)
Recording: Recording “Four Essays” by Tadeusz Baird – Warsaw National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, Witold Rowicki - MusicBrainz
Release: Release “Four Essays / Expressions for violin and orchestra / Variations without a Theme” by Baird - MusicBrainz

I have a large collection I want to add here, but I need to adjust a bit to the structure.
I’m also looking how I can add the duration of a recording. I have recorded the Four Essays and it’s ca. 19’45" long. But I don’t seem to be able to edit the length anywhere (not the track length of the release, not the length of the recording.)


Great work! I’m not a classical editor, editing classical makes me break out in a cold sweat.

This looks excellent :partying_face:

I’ve approved a few edits that make reviewing easier. By the way, don’t worry too much about not getting votes or comments in future, there are more editors than voters in MB (but feel free to ask for votes if you’re in a hurry to have something applied, there is a thread for that here).

My notes are:

  • If they are your scans of the cover, leave an edit note like ‘my scans’ (the gold standard of sources)
  • There is a missing space in the recording join phrase in track 2
  • If you set the track times for the release/tracks, they will be automatically set for the recordings (works don’t have lengths)

A classical editor may have more to add, but this really is a superb first addition.


Thanks a lot.

I found out how to add the track times, and fixed the join phrase.
I’ll mention it in the future when I add my own photos/scans. Maybe leave a bit more edit notes in general :wink:

I did a second one: Release “Contemporary Polish Music” by Penderecki / Bacewicz / Baird / Serocki - MusicBrainz

I really like the way the release, the recording on it, and the recorded works are all separate entries, which can be properly linked to each other, here on musicbrainz.

I wonder, is it best practice to repeat the main composition a movement is part of, in the movement title? And should I repeat to add all info for every individual movement/part?
Or can I just add the parts only using the movement title? And just relate them using “part of”, without the need to add all info (composer for instance) to every individual movement?


Do you mean for tracks? If so, it looks like the answer is yes: Style / Classical / Track Title - MusicBrainz
Yes, I have to check the guidelines for classical questions :shushing_face:
For works, I don’t know, I can’t find it in the aforementioned guidelines (but I only had time for a quick look).

P.S. @chabreyflint has entered a few edits that you might want to take into account: Edit #111305134 - MusicBrainz

It’s best to add the main work name to all work parts :slight_smile: You should also add composer (and lyricist when relevant) to the parts - in most cases that will be easy because you’ll have different tracks for each part and you’ll link to them directly in the relationship editor, but in this case it’s a bit more annoying :slight_smile: I made the changes myself here.

I also made changes to the recording artists to follow the recording artist guideline -but do not do that by hand, see the scripts part from The Classical Editor Toolbox and get some scripts :slight_smile: