I can't get this release to show on the main Overview page by artist

I cannot get “Freedom Rings” promotional single by Brandy overview page ea678ed8-f3d7-44ab-8f05-425467fbf3b0
to show up on her main overview page. The song release country is “XW” for Worldwide. This is the first time I ever had an issue with this.
Here is the overview page I need this to be on Brandy - MusicBrainz

The second part. In trying to correct this, I made a duplicate release that needs deleted, The release country needs removed is US


Release groups containing only promotional releases are not shown on the artist overview page.

You can select “Show all release groups” at the bottom or go to the releases tab to see them.


what draconx said.

also, to me this looks like just a regular single. I pulled it up in Atisket, and it’s got a Spotify and Deezer release with the same UPC, in addition to the YouTube Music and Pandora links you already added. here’s a link to the documentation on release status.

on the second part, merging releases is reasonably straightforward, especially if you added one in error. here’s a guide, if you want to try it. in general, we encourage merging over deleting.

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If what you want the most often is all release groups, there is a userscript that does this:


This script is only changing links on the fly, when you click them, without any network exchanges with MB.