Always see full discographies with “mb. ALL RELEASE GROUPS”

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@aerozol, to answer your questions here:

Does not work when you click in the forum, for example this link.

It should work and it works for me. Please give me more details about your browser, OS, userscript engine and what happens (nothing?). Preferably as a github issue.

How hard would it be to indicate whether there are various artist releases somewhere before clicking the link? Like you’ve done with the cover art tab (tells you how many images are there before clicking).

This script is only changing links on the fly, when you click them, without any network exchanges with MB.
What you would like is that, when VA releases are detected, a new link would show, next to the original link, to point towards the VA discography?
It would be possible but quite too much work compared with the benefit… And we should throttle the requests to one per second max, etc.


The Bowie forum link works now! At first I thought it might have something to do with your script that displays images with artists because the Bowie one was loading a lot, but since it works now I have no idea, sorry. It struck me as extremely weird that the forum link was continually not changing the URL but other links to it were working. I guess it’ll stay an unsolved mystery…

Re. various artist releases, a number next to the link, exactly like this does:
Would be amazing. If it’s not possible that’s okay, it just struck me how useful that would be.


@aerozol are you on my PC watching what I’m doing? LOLZ!!! I am after the same thing - something to let me know if there are multiple cover images. i.e. is it worth me clicking on that release in my collection and sticking it on the scanner.

Certainly great seeing all the little covers appear as it is a great spot to let me see where there are gaps of zero CAA art and I dive in and fill it up.

@jesus2099 I’ll be trying to add this script to my little set but noob mode means I don’t yet know how to go from raw script to the GreaseMonkey. (All the others have had a install button - so another excuse for me to learn something new)

I’m also wondering where these are stored in a browser like Vivaldi. Can I nip into %APPDATA% and lift the folder of scripts to drop them onto another PC?


It has encouraged me to add so much more cover art! A must-have as far as I’m concerned :slight_smile:
Edit: For future reference we are talking about the great mb. FUNKEY ILLUSTRATED RECORDS script.


It is doing the same to me. Making me upload tons of art, chasing down missing items. It is hell on my OCD as I want to chase in and correct it all :smiley:

I also enjoy opening a page and waiting for all those little icons to spring to life. When looking at my own collection it is certainly nice seeing the exact heap of my own CDs appearing exactly as they are on my shelf.

And this new little “mb. ALL RELEASE GROUPS” script will mean I’ll now be chasing down my bootleg collection too… ARGH!! @jesus2099 you are making me work :smiley:

It is funny how little things like seeing the artwork make it so much easier to sort out areas like the Douglas Adams page.


You have to fully reload (F5) the forum for new user scripts to be reloaded. Discourse is never replacing pages when you browse inside it, it only loads data and changes the url display in your browser without really making a full page load.


To install user scripts from github, gitlab and bitbucket, you have to go into the script code page (the one I have linked at the top of this topic) and then click the Raw button. That should trigger your user script extension (Greasemonkey) install popup.

I made a user script that allows you to install other user scripts directly from github, gitlab and bitbucket file list if you want, it shows a heart icon that is an install button:

You can live without it, though.


AhHA! So the GreaseMonkey likes its food RAW. New trick learnt and now script installed. Thanks