How to handle re-release by a different label

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This CD “Towards The Light” was:

  1. First released in 1998 by Eclectic Music Productions
  2. Re-released in 2005 by Quartz
  • Do I create two separate releases, and duplicate their tracks, just changing the label information? I don’t think there has been any re-mastering.
  • Is there a relationship option to relate one to the other?


Yes, you should create 2 releases, reusing any data that is the same between the two (track listings, recordings, etc.).
Here is the list of release-release relationships we have. We don’t have a “reissue” relationship in large part because it really isn’t necessary to link simple reissues together via a relationship: if they’re in the same release group, one can easily tell that they’re reissues.


Keep in mind that they should share the same recordings :slight_smile: But that’s the default when duplicating releases, so it should be ok!


It would be nice to have a Duplicate option, which begins a “Create Release” populated with the selected release.


If you go into the release group, and hit ‘add release’, it should fill the title field, and then you are later given the option of using the tracklist/recordings from existing releases.

What other fields would you like to see filled? Stuff like ‘label’ and ‘release date’ I would prefer not to pre-fill as it’s going to vary, and people are going to accidentally duplicate it.

It’s probably more an issue of the UI not really making it clear that you can re-use a lot of elements easily?


Ah ha! That’s what that does! Just what I wanted. It duplicates nicely.


There is this feature in that user script called SUPER TURBO, check out its settings panel, look for CLONE_RELEASE 3 or 4 options, then it appears in the Editing menu. But it will not clone releases relationships.