How to get Picard writing the original release date / year of a recording?


Just to keep this short and precise, I’m gonna skip describing what I have already tried and read about this matter.

How can you get Picard to write a tag for the original release date of an album or a single?

Let’s take this Michael Jackson compilation album for an example:

It contains the song ‘Ben’, which was released as a single in 1972.
It seems obvious and logical to me that you want to be able to have this reflected in your tagging scheme.

Ditto for box-sets.

This is a box-set that contains original The Beatles albums:

It contains the album ‘Revolver’, which is from 1966.

But for both examples I wasn’t able to get these release dates written.
How can you achieve that Picard will write these?


Short answer is you can’t since there is no easy way to query that information from MusicBrainz.

In theory it would be possible to write a plugin to query MusicBrainz for all releases containing a specific recording (or maybe work, depending on what you want) and that way find out the earliest release known to MB. But his would be really slow, since it would take multiple requests per track to get that data.


Thanks for the reply outsidecontext.
What a pity that something that seems so natural and desirable is currently impossible to achieve.
Hopefully some bright mind(s) will find a solution for it.