Prefer lowest year option

I’d like to add just the year tag to multiple files, it works, but sometime incorrect year is added.

Is it possible to always add lowest year from a database?

I found the “Preferred release types” options, but year is missing there.

Perhaps I’m searching something like option “Prefer lowest year”, no matter, if it’s a single, album, EP and so on.

There is the originaldate tag, which is always the oldest date in the release group. I think this is what you are looking for. If you want you can set it as the date with a script like



I tested few songs, “Original Release Date” and “Original Year” and it’s the release date of the album, VA album or soundtrack, even if the song if from that album, I want to add the year from the first release.

For example, the song A was released in these albums:

  • artist album - 2000
  • VA album - 2005
  • Soundtrack - 2010
    VA album 2 - 2015

I want to use the year from the first album, the lowest year.

I don’t need it to be 100% correct, but if it would be just 50%, it’s not good, because it could be 2015 instead of 2000, or 2019 instead of 1989.

These songs I want to process are just random songs, not albums, in albums I have the correct year, I just want to add the year to these random songs.

Correct year is also if I google the song, almost every time the youtube song is found and release year is below - it’s always the correct year.

Please see the following discussion:

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