Tagging with original album, year

Hi! I’m a new one here & and new user of MBPickard. Trying to tag some my files with original data, with no result. CeCe Peniston is tagging with some shit from 1998 & Disco Shit Annual… How to get first data to music file?

This might be an informative thread and related to what you are wishing for? :

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Ok. I try to search another labels, but there is no save options avaiable.

Or try using Jaikoz with the option enabled:
Preferred release date: Earliest release date
And you get the earliest release date, if its in MusicBrainz or Discogs available.

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Thanks! Jaikoz is almost what I need. One thing is not refined… necessity of payment :wink: Really, MBP can not do what Jaikoz can?