How to get lyricist and composer by API?

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first I wish a Happy New Year to everyone. Let’s hope 2021 will be much better than 2020.

I use MP3Tag for tagging my music archive and I also want to tag composer and lyricist. Til now I do this manually, but these data are already in die Musicbrainz database. One example:

The XML structure generated by the API doesn’t provide the information for lyricist and composer:

Is there a way to get these information or to extend the API for this purpose?

The composer/lyricist information is on the Work entity, not the Recording, so you should look for the “inc=work-rels” option in the API.

You can take a look at older messages on the forum where this was mentioned, e.g.


@Acccept, I think for this, Mp3tag should add work credit support.
I found some related topics in their forum.
You could maybe jump in some conversation to ask feature request.

MusicBrainz lookup in Mp3tag:

I think it’s not really a solution here, I think Florian did not really understand the question.
Now that I am on Linux, I don’t have Mp3tag to make sure.

[WS] MusicBrainz XML Webservice:

Improve MusicBrainz scrapper: