Looking for API Call providing writer, composer, cover recording details

I’m lookin to find detailed information of a release, e.g. writer/composer, cover recording e.g. for the song “Love in vain”, composer etc in, e.g. here the below link.

I would like to find the exact same info by using the API. The json link under TAB: Details suggests:
Release info json Link
Unfortunately the info is not the same. I tried all kind of different API calls, using artist credits, but whatever I do, I cannot find the same level of detailed information. Can somebody help, please?

It sounds like you look for information related to the Recording or Work entity.

The release json will give you the recording MBID (in media[0].tracks[1].recording.id).

The recording json will give you the “cover” attribute and the link to the work (with the “work-rels” parameter): relations[0].work.id

The work json will give you the composer (with the “artist-rels” parameter)


So if you’re writing your own tagger, you have no choice but to spawn an additional 2 web requests for every track on a release - waiting one second between each one to comply with API limits. Yikes… :smiley:

I think this ticket seems related:

Hi, thank you so much. I thought I tried everything…obviously not!! :smiley: Super!!

In case you want to have the recording details for all tracks of your example release at once, use this query: https://musicbrainz.org/ws/2/release/a2151a7b-d584-3d93-9d7f-b72da6bbcaa0?inc=recordings+recording-rels+artist-rels+recording-level-rels+work-level-rels+work-rels&fmt=json


Ah that’s good info. Thanks.