How to differenciate "Recordist" and "Recording Engineer" credit

I just encounter a release that clearly has “Recordist” and “Recording Engineer” separately in the booklet.

As I understand, “recording engineer (for)” is currently the only relationship about recording position in both recording-artist and release-artist relationships, is it possible to differentiate the two credits?

I did some search here and it seems there used to be a “recorded by” credit type but now discarded.

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It might refer to Tonmeister:

Alice went to the University of Surrey to study the prestigious Tonmeister degree.

University of Surrey
Music and Sound Recording (Tonmeister), Recording Engineer
2015 - 2019


Hmm Thanks for the info, I can understand this might point to what this person specialized in. But I’m not sure if it’s right to guess one’s role in a specific release from one’s degree, after all it’s totally possible for someone having a Tonmeister degree to play other role in production.

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It might also indicate she was second engineer since Rupert seems more experienced plus:

[…] This is usually secondary, or additional to the work done by the mix engineer. […]

In any event, the involved parties should be able to clarify her role.

FWIW, Qobuz and Tidal credit her as “Asst. Recording Engineer”

For those wondering, it’s this release:

I’ll disengage from this topic and just leave a list of what else I found/was looking at: