Renaming "recorded by" to "recording engineer"?

I keep seeing “recording engineer” credits being entered as “engineer” because people don’t realize that’s what “recorded by” should be used for (“This describes an engineer responsible for committing the performance to tape. This can be as complex as setting up the microphones, amplifiers, and recording devices, or as simple as pressing the ‘record’ button on a 4-track.”)

Should we just rename it, or can this be confusing in its own way?


plz to be renaming, I see “recording engineer” WAY more often than “recorded by”

(another idea would be the ability to chose calling it either or. relationship credits? :​​​P)

As one who has fallen into this trap, +1 for renaming.

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+1 too, I realized only this week-end “recorded by” was better than “engineer”

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Yeah - another +1 on that. I would not have realised that “recorded by” should be the “recording engineer”.

As a Noob on MB I do have to say that filling in credits is pretty confusing. It needs some better tutorials or some better explanations in the help files. I was trying to get some “written by” credits into a single track at the weekend, but gave up in confusion.


That guidance for “recorded by” seems clear, but what is the intended usage for the “engineer” relationship? When should one use it in preference to “recorded by”?


Sometimes the info says just “engineer” (very common for classical Naxos releases for example). In which case, that’s all we know, so we stick to the generic one (is it recording engineer? sound engineer? balance engineer? better not to guess).

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Changed! (same for the release one too)