How to deal with pregap and hidden tracks in musicbraint library? [Solved]

Recently, I got a CD containing a track in the pregap of the first song.

But I’m not sure what’s the appropriate method to add this to the library. I checked a couple of examples. Some albums contain a ‘track 0’, some contain a track without a number and some tracks are only mentioned in the description and are not included in the tracklist. I don’t see consistency here.

Which method is preferred?

And what happens if another persons tags their library (e.g. using Picard) but do not have the pregap/hidden track - does the album match anyway? From my prospective, it would be good if the album matches even without the additional tracks.

I never dealt with this kind of tracks. Every help would be welcome.

PS: maybe MB should include a checkbox (or something like that) to distinguish hidden tracks from normal tracks in the same release.

When you’re adding or editing a release with a medium that supports pre-gap tracks, in the track list tab you can tick a box to add a pre-gap track at position 0 (by default, but you can choose to remove or change the number). This functionality is still rather new, so you’ll see lots of releases where the hidden track is only mentioned in the annotation. So please add it as pre-gap.

I don’t think the album will show as complete in Picard without the pre-gap track on your computer. After all, it wouldn’t be complete. But it should match the tracks you do have.


Thanks! I didn’t saw this functionality. Now I know what I have to do. :slight_smile:

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