Best way to rip pre-gap tracks?

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What is the best way to rip pre-gap tracks? I have a few releases that have them.

How to deal with pregap and hidden tracks in musicbraint library? [Solved]

I used EAC for this (on Windows or with wine).

Here is a guide how to deal with pregap and hidden tracks:


cdparanoia can read pre-gaps, too (provided the drive supports them). It will store them as track00.


morituri is probably your best bet for a Linux ripper.

EAC also works well under wine apart from some metadata plugins (including Musicbrainz sadly if I recall)


I’ve done it a few times. I rip the CD with XLD (Mac) then load it in Audacity. Then you can seperate the two tracks.
The main one I can think of that I did this with is The X-Files: Songs in the Key of X (pre-gap track).


In fact, that has 2 separate songs in its pregap (and currently does not credit the performer for the second).


CueTools cueRipper also does pregap tracks and is very easy to use, integrates with mb and does secure ripping


Sadly the problem with this is Musicbrainz taggers will not tag it.


It does for me:

As for the second pregap track not having an artist, my guess would be Mark Snow.


Sorry I misunderstood and didn’t read the topic/comment properly. I for some reason thought it was about split tracks where there is a gap of silence followed by another track.