How to credit "Adaption of lyrics by"

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There’s one song on an album I’ve edited with an “Adaption of lyrics by” credit. The original work is not in MB as it was written in the 13th century and the original music is unknown.

The lyricist is Francesco d’Assisi and the adapted work is “Canticle of the Sun”. It was re-used for song lyrics several times. Some do not credit a lyricist, some works have d’Assisi as lyricist and a translator named, but in case of my edit, there’s none.

It’s not related to the various “Brother Sun/Sister Moon” versions which all have different lyricists (incl. Donovan).

It’s relatively close to the translation given on Wikipedia:

“Adaption” most probably means adding or skipping words for a more fluid verse. I could add a translator [unknown], but this wouldn’t cover the adaption done.

EDIT: I struggle even if I have the original work (I created it in test.musicbrainz). I only managed to say it’s a “translated version of” the work, but that’s not true. :pleading_face:

Someone else asked this question a while back. To sum up my response, “adapted” is sometimes used in lieu of “translated” because song translations are often not one-to-one.


Okay, thanks.

But then there are still two options:
Adding the original work and make this work a “translated version of” (is it a translated version?)
Adding translator [unknown] … as I don’t know who translated it

Or I leave it and write an Annotation to the work.

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I would add the original work and link it with a “based on” work-work relationship. I mean the original music is unknown, so it’s a different musical work… I would add an unknown translator, if I would be sure it’s been translated. It sounds like that’s the case. I’m no expert, so it’s possible that I’m totally wrong.


It’s English, that’s for sure.
I think, I will do so, thanks. Then we will have a song from the 13th century. I’m no expert too, so every second day I stumble into situations where I have to decide things, I have to discuss first … :grin: