how to attach cd toc ?


I tried to submit an album (2 CD).
Album is from ‘Sash!’ and called ‘life goes on’.

my submission is :

A release group was existing, I tried to merge into.

cd 1 was not recognized (by picard), I imported a previous stub.
cd 2 was recognized by picard wrongly.
it was recognized as cd 2 from that one :
My cd has (9) nine tracks while recognized as only 8.
My cd has track number 3 in more compared to the other release (other data are similar).

How can I attach cd toc to my new release in order to have it recognized (for my cd2) ?

I’m using web interface.
I made research to do that, but I failed.

Can someone explain me how to submit valid data or do the fix (for me) ?

cd1 - cd toc (cd-discid --musicbrainz)
13 150 16435 33180 50567 67130 83695 113277 135267 153935 171862 195642 218797 246082 277077

cd2 - cd toc
9 150 25967 55455 87485 118547 149577 180885 208170 247915 330471

If someone know a simple tool / command to get disc id (on linux debian stretch), I’m interested in.
I check for previously submitted release and disc id calculation looks failing.

I have cds in hand and can run softwares you may ask me.

sp31415 (Serge P)

No promises, no guarantees. :smile:

I think that MB uses an advanced form of the toc and calls them Disc IDs.
Have a look at


In addition to the link that @mmirG provided, there are a couple of things to watch out for (and have caught me more than once). You might also have a look at:

It is also discussed at:


See’s post in Adding CD with TOC but without physical CD

In a hoped-for future: [MBS-9443] Allow lookup with MBID when attaching DiscID


Thanks for your help.
As a newbie, I was doing the mistake pointed by rdswift.
I’m also surprised about the delay between my submit to the forum and its appearance (because validation was required)


@sp31415 this place can be really confusing initially. And there are also a number of impatient users out there who love to criticise. So if you get shouted at, ignore them.

We all learn by making mistakes, and then untangling the mess. :rofl:

After a few errors you’ll start to get the hang of this place. It is not as mad as it initially seems.


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I know it’s an old topic, but I’m adding a warning everywhere I see cd-discid mentionned.
It’s a pity because I really liked it, but this nice little tool should not be used for MusicBrainz, as cd-discid is affected by 3 bugs and it produces wrong data.

You should use a tool that uses the official libdiscid, like musicbrainz-isrcsubmit or MusicBrainz Picard tagger.