How do you ... copy a set of tags from one album to another?

I have one album, I am adding more in it’s series, I would like to use the existing album as a template for the one being added…

How do you, as in do you do something else besides create a bunch of tags and enter all the data again?


You’ve got Volume 1 of a release, and that is the only one one in the MBDB.

But I also have releases that are not (yet) in the MBDB, and I just don’t feel like having to edit “all that stuff” to match, that would otherwise be the same …

The tag values I’ve got selected below are going to be identical or really close, that editing a digit/character or two is all that will change:

So I want to use Volume 1’s global data where I can and then only change what is needed, like Volume 1 is now Volume 2, the CatalogNumber increments by 1 … the barcode, etc…

I do a lot of repetivitve entering to accomplish this at the moment. Between tagger scripts and copy/pasting, Add New Tag, …

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So you are wanting everything EXCEPT the track list?

(I was about to suggest using the Track Parser and copy \ paste)

Maybe you want the script to “clone a release”. You’ll find that as part of

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