How do you ... copy a set of tags from one album to another?

I have one album, I am adding more in it’s series, I would like to use the existing album as a template for the one being added…

How do you, as in do you do something else besides create a bunch of tags and enter all the data again?


You’ve got Volume 1 of a release, and that is the only one one in the MBDB.

But I also have releases that are not (yet) in the MBDB, and I just don’t feel like having to edit “all that stuff” to match, that would otherwise be the same …

The tag values I’ve got selected below are going to be identical or really close, that editing a digit/character or two is all that will change:

So I want to use Volume 1’s global data where I can and then only change what is needed, like Volume 1 is now Volume 2, the CatalogNumber increments by 1 … the barcode, etc…

I do a lot of repetivitve entering to accomplish this at the moment. Between tagger scripts and copy/pasting, Add New Tag, …

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So you are wanting everything EXCEPT the track list?

(I was about to suggest using the Track Parser and copy \ paste)

Maybe you want the script to “clone a release”. You’ll find that as part of

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I guess, yes… everything but the track list and Accousti/MB ID’s.

Though the script/functions you’re referencing look to be for the MBDB side of things. I’d like to be able to do that stuff on the local side to set things up for submitting.

Submitting new releases sometimes turns into a pissing match with the track list, artist boxes and the like, to where I’ve just said “screw this” and not bothered.

Then when I’ve made the full edits locally first and then use the “Submit As New Release…” things like catalog number, label, don’t get carried over which typically results in a "Well, it would be nice to get this thing to save from the right side with the “rest of them” but I don’t feel like doing all that -again- so… It gets blown off for ‘later’.

I may be on to something, as most of the time I find releases that are not listed are those with more than the usual amount of tracks, and particularly when those are various artists. I need to narrow down what is being done when the release submission gets hung up on artists or whatever despite there being “valid” data in the form. (Again, typically it’s getting caught up on the second column on the tracklist, refusing to accept what is already there)

The Pipe dream option would be to be able to just select multiple rows and copy them to the clipboard. If there’s a way to parse the tag/title columns internally…

Like a spreadsheet where you select a row or more, Copy to the :clipboard: and then paste it back out. If the row(s) being pasted does not exist on the tracks/clusters that are selected, then apply them.

At least multiple rows can be selected.

Tick-it, or no Tick-it. That’s the Question…

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If you had access to a Windows machine or VM on your mac, foobar2000 can do this.

edit: if dealing with mp3s, of course you’d have to consider the murky world of tag mapping and how it may be different to Picard.