How do I split recordings?

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I read and read the guides, I used google search, I searched the forum… and still I can’t find what to do with something like this:

clearly it’s not one recording, but two, the second being a live cover of the first. I guess this is true for every track on “Męskie Granie 2016”, I haven’t checked everything though.
How do I change that? I tried to work it out, but I can’t seem to find the right solution.

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Looking at it (especially the recording times), I agree that it appears that they should be separate recordings. Now there are a few different recordings of 12 groszy in the system. I suspect that the track on release should actually be recording than recording

To make the change, edit the release and change the recording associated with that track.

Thank you very much for your help. It’s 100% another recording, I have the “original” here and listened to a sample of the other recording on Itunes.

I see that you’ve entered an edit for the change. Thanks.

One thing though, for all of your edits please include an edit note citing the source of the information for your edit (even if it’s something as simple as I have a copy of this CD). That will make it easier for others to validate and vote on your edit, and provides some history in case someone tries to change something later. Please see for more information.

I added a note on your edit referring back to this discussion thread, so others can see how it evolved.

Thanks again for taking the time to clean this up.


Recording was created with/for 12 groszy release them hacked by another two releases.
Those later releases should not have reused recording and should be edited to use some other recording.
Instead of editing 12 groszy release, as I can see now.
I think. :slight_smile:


I believe that you’re right. Good catch! I completely missed that.

As for the cleanup edit that @rey200 has entered, do you think it’s okay as is, even though it’s actually moving the original (correct) recording link rather than the two (incorrect) links that hijacked the original?

I didn’t have a look to them but I guess I’m rather in favour of fixing later mistake than changing original entities because of later mistake. :grin:


Ok. You are right, it was “hacked”.
I’m going to cancel the edit and clean it up later.


Just swept through as suggested by @jesus2099
Only thing left to do now is transfer the Acoust ID to the new recording.