How do i credit an artist

how do i credit an artist as the Writer of a song steve camp wrote Port Augusta and released it on his album as far as it goes in 1996 then slim dusty sung it in 2000 for his album looking forward looking back

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As I understand things:
Create a Work for the song. Add Steve as the Writer.
On the two Releases use ‘Edit Relationships’ (way over on the left and down that column) and add the Work relationship to the relevant track on each Release.


ok ill give it a go :slight_smile: thanks

i can not figger out how to add a Writer.

What have you tried? If you edit a work, there should be a place to add relationships.

there is but i dont see Writer any where is it under a different name?

You have to credit an artist, using the writer (or preferably composer AND lyricist) relationship.

You should see a list box with artist on the left hand side, and a list with composer at the top, once you choose artist for the relationship. Then do it again to add them as lyricist, unless there aren’t lyrics or there’s any uncertainty who wrote them


ok so you dont put writer. I use composer AND lyricist instead do you and what do i put for slim’s song?
ill do a little more research to make sure theres nothing before steve but im 99% sure it was him if you have any other tips for me feel free to post them and ill look at them in the morning AEST

You link Slim Dusty’s version of Port Augusta to the same work your created and credited to Steve Grace.


The only thing you should do with a recording (in terms of writers) is link it to the work. The credits on the work will “fall through” to the recording.

If you’re not 100% sure of the composer/lyricist (like, the credit is written on the liner notes somewhere, or you can find other proof of authorship), you probably shouldn’t add them at all. At the very least, if you think circumstantial evidence is strong enough to justify the credit, leave an annotation on the work stating your reasoning so that if someone comes along who disagrees with you, they can see how you got there and decide if they have more compelling evidence.

The “writer” credit is for cases when you’re not sure if someone is composer or lyricist. If there’s just one person you can pretty safely assume they’re both. I tend to use “writer” when there are two or more people credited, but the specific contribution is not provided by my source.


And ALWAYS try to get into the habit of leaving an edit note citing the source of the information on which your edit is based.


i dint see composer or lyricist or writer are thay know my another name. the screen shot is all i have got to pick from

Do a “work” search, and if the work doesn’t exist on MB (I’ve checked and it appears to not exist), you click on “add a new work”.

When you add the work, you add the writing credits as artist relationships, and then add recording relationships for both the Steve Grace and Slim Dusty recordings (as well as any others that you may be aware of).


@st3v3p, go to the release, and hit the Edit Relationships link

See how the column to the right is empty? That’s where the works should be. The way I always think of it is, works represent the sheet music of the song, while the recording represents the final master tape of the song. So we attach writers to the work and guitarists to the recording.

The next step now is to create works for all these recordings. If you’re sure the works aren’t already in MB, click select all at the top of the recordings column. Now I notice that “Waltzing Matilda” is one of the songs on this album, so for that and any other cover songs, go click that “Add related work” link to try and find a work for it. If you find one attach it and unclick the checkbox on the recording.

Now that you’ve got only the recordings that need new works checked, click the “Batch-create new works” link. Fill in the info and hit Done. Now the right column should be populated with works and you can start adding relationships to them.

With judicious use of the “Batch-add a releationship to works” link and the checkboxes in front of the works, you can get it done pretty quickly.


i got in there but it is still no good i can not add the writers to a single song only to the album he did not writer all the songs so that would be wrong and those batch butons are grayed out for me

Your screenshots show recording and release, not WORK. Try what @Billy_Yank is suggesting.

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the only place i can add that info is at the bottom under Release Relationships. a screen shot or two would be helpfull

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@IvanDobsky can you help? iv seen you have done it before

@IvanDobsky provided a screenshot in his post a couple of replies up:

The works are the right hand side of the release editor, where it says “Related Works”. You add related works by using the “Add related work” (also on their screenshot). You can also do this in batches, as they described in their post.


The “Edit relationships” link is in the column on the right hand side of the release page (underneath the Discogs link). That will take you to the page that @Billy_Yank posted a screenshot of.