How come this release group is not listed under on its artist page?


Hi guys,

I’ve just noticed that this release group is not listed on its artist page.

Any idea why?

Note: this release group is not to be confused with this one, that I created a few minutes ago because I thought it was missing (since it was not listed on the artist page).

Artist page doesn't contain an album which I receive through API and is not a special album

Because it has only promotion (or bootleg) releases in it, so it is deemed not relevant to the standard discography and shown only when specifically requested. See at the bottom: “Showing official release groups by this artist. Show all release groups instead”


…and the empty release group that I created today is displayed because it’s still empty (i.e. no promotion release).

Well that explains everything. Thank you!


One more question: how can I delete the release group the duplicate/empty release group? I do not see any way to do that.


This makes 100% sense by the way. :+1:


Release groups get purged if they’re completely empty. “Emptiness” here also means void of relationships—ie., the single/EP and the RateYourMusic URL relationships here means that the release group is not “proper” empty.

However, instead of removing those relationships, it’s better to merge the two release groups: