Artist page doesn't contain an album which I receive through API and is not a special album

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for the British band Oasis I receive “Beatles and Stones” as release-group using|ep|single&limit=140&artist=39ab1aed-75e0-4140-bd47-540276886b60

On the official artist page here on MusicBrainz:

this album is only listed after I show “all release groups” of this artist. According to

this is because the album “Beatles and Stones” is some kind of special album. But it has no subTypes for example, i.e. is no bootleg or something.

Why do I receive the album via API and in the artist page there’s nothing shown? How can I filter this out since the album isn’t even by Oasis but by “Beady Eye” which is a band Liam Gallagher (singer of Oasis) is part of?

Thanks in advance.

Bye The_Unknown

Actually, the release is indeed marked as a bootleg. No sources other than “in hand”, of course…

Ah, I see. Unfortunately the “status” is only linked in the “release” object and hence I can’t include this information in my call like “status=official”.

I understand why this is: it’s because a release group can habe multiple releases with different status’es. But it would be awesome if I could nevertheless add “status=official” to my url and the API is so smart that it can apply it to the releases linked to the release groups.

Would it be possible to include this in a future release?

Calling release and including release-groups would also be an option but in this case I have to do much more requests which is not an option for me at the moment as it’s unefficient and stresses the API without a good reason.