How can I get high-res cover art from CD Baby?

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By “high res”, I mean any resolution higher than the 200×200 thumbnail on the detail page. A customer gets higher resolution art when they buy a track or album for download, but the URI is specific to the order, like this:

Where ‘0000000’ is a 7-digit order number, and ‘album1’ is the album identifier.

Are any non-thumbnail sizes accessible through manual URI modification or an API (like the method used by the Apple Store import script)?

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That is a music shop. So can’t see why they would need to keep hi-res artwork anywhere.

I think that little image is all you are going to get. Unless you can find somewhere else in the CDBaby interface that displays hi-res artwork.

When you look at Amazon you’ll see they use an initial thumbnail on the page, but that is then clickable to get a bigger version. That is why a pattern can be found.

I’m afraid you’re out of luck too. For fetching cover art I use Stig’s Art Grabr, which does have a menu item to find large covers on CDBaby that doesn’t seem to work and Album Art Downloader which does have a CDBaby script but finds no matches.

That said, I do find good cover art with the Album Art Downloader, including a 1200x1200 cover of Tiempos de Flores.

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Thanks, @mfmeulenbelt. I haven’t gotten Album Art Downloader to work under Wine yet, but it’s encouraging to know that it found a resolution significantly higher than my image searches.

Fortunately, it’s not terribly common for a release to be exclusive to CD Baby, since so many musicians on the site used CD Baby’s services in order to distribute their stuff through TuneCore. But if there is a way to expose higher-res art, then one could incorporate links to the higher-res files into murdos’ CD Baby importer script.

I wasn’t aware my Art Grabr didn’t work anymore on cdbaby until I coincidentally stumbled over this thread. People are always welcome to give me a hint if it stops working somewhere. It might take long time before I discover it myself.

Anyway, I have now updated Stig’s Art Grabr with a fix for cdbaby. I haven’t tried shopping at the site, so I don’t know what you get access to when purchasing something, but it should generally be able to find a bit larger sizes while surfing their public catalog.


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