Request for Stig’s Art Grabr to parse Apple Music domains

Hey Stig, could you please update Art Grabr to parse Apple Music domains? All iTunes links redirect to Apple Music now.


Hi @sibilant

Thanks for the heads up. I wasn’t aware. I rarely user Grabr myself these days.
I will take a look at it. With a little luck Apple have only changed web-address and it will be easy to fix.

However I have a dilemma. Current version of Greasemonkey have a bug, and if I update Stig’s Art Grabr on Greasy Fork before that bug is fixed, Art Grabr will probably be disabled for all Greasemonkey users :frowning: Well, I try to correct the Grabr error, and then I decide whether I update the official userscript now, or if I stall it until Greasemonkey has been updated. A fix for Greasemonkey is apparently pending, but don’t know when it will be released.


Hi again @sibilant
I have updated userscript in the GitHub repository. It should work on Apple Music domains too now.
I’m holding back updating it on Greasy Fork until I know when Greasemonkey will be updated. But you can install the new version of the userscript now via GitHub:


Greasemonkey was updated yesterday with a fix for the issue that was holding me back updating Art Grabr on Greasy Fork.
So now the updated - and Apple Music compatible - version of Stig’s Art Grabr is also available at it’s official install page:


/[mcitunes]{5,6}/ is such a hackish way of matching /(music|itunes)/ — which is not only more readable but even one character less. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


he he. yeah, you’re right :slight_smile: