How can I check efficiently if the recording artist is correct?

When editing an existing classical release I try to check if the recording artist is a list of performers, not the composer. There’s a handy script to change the recording artists; the script is run from the release page.

On the release page, before I select all tracks whose recording artists should be overwritten, I need to check where a change is necessary. So far the only method I’ve found is clicking on every single track to open the associated recording page; here I see the recording artist. After this check I can decide whether to tick the checkbox for the track so the script will overwrite the recording artist.

When a release has dozens of tracks this is very tedious. Is there a more efficient way to see the recording artists for all tracks from the release page? Any kind of list would do.

An older thread suggested a script called INLINE TRACK ARTIST but it, too, works only on an individual recording’s page.

Two low tech suggestions here:

    Go to “Recordings” tab.


  1. Use “Edit relationships” to see Recording details for Release.

If this is not what you want, could you write some more about what you are after?


Your first suggestion is exactly what I was looking for: A list with all of a release’s tracks where I can see if the recording artist is correctly set (i.e. the performer) and not identical to the track artist (composer).

Thank you very much, this is a big help.