Display Recordings Artists on Release page

According to CSG (unless something changed recently / I have not been editing for a while), the Recording Artist must be the performer(s), and the Track Artist the composer.
In many case, due to legacy (but not only! that’s the issue), both are the same and are the Composer.
If I wrote “not only”, it is because, still today, it is pretty hard to check if the Recording Artist is the right one.
Why? Just because when one displays a Release (either with credits inline or at bottom), the recording artist is not mentioned anywhere. Yet the Recording Artist could just be added to the phrase mentioning the recording : "recording (by [Recording artist]) of [Recording name] ".
Do you guys know a way to do that, or something similar, e.g. with a browser script?
I don’t know how to write scripts, so I would be very grateful if someone had such an initiative.

(to go further, the recording name could also be displayed somewhere, as it could be different from the track name. Currently AFAIK there is no way to check easily if it needs a fix.)

There is the clumsy INLINE TRACK ARTIST (install) for this. It doesn’t look very good but is handy to see track artists that are different from recording or release artist.
Maybe there is a better one…


Very very useful thanks jesus, I use this all the time to fix recordings!!!

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I found some screenshots back from its old home page and a feature request ticket (MBS-5690) as well.
Screenshots are always fun: