Help with Steelix’s Lay It Down

I decided to post here so I don’t have to make a whole new thread just to help enter one release.

Recently, I added a release for this single. It’s probably important to note that it originally had some issues getting onto Spotify, since it uses the vocals and instrumental from other songs. Within the past week, I discovered that the song had seemly been re-uploaded on Spotify under a completely different title and artist. The release and artist show up nowhere else (no other artist pages, previous releases, social media, etc.) Supposedly it released on March 11, 1993, but from looking at the scrobbles it likely released on January 11th of this year.

Another kind of strange thing about the release, the original upload (the first one I linked) has track art that differs from the album art. The track art matches the album art for the possible re-upload. This may mean that it’s from the same creator, or maybe Spotify is just bugging out.

How would I enter this release?


honestly, I’m having a hard time with this funkiness. I actually can’t play the first Spotify link, but the second Spotify link (3rd overall) was likely released this year, based also on the copyright dates on the release page (also the song sampled wasn’t released until 2010). :wink:

I’m also not seeing the different track art you mentioned… the single and the song have that same artwork as on the MusicBrainz release (blue with the guitar).

also, the Sikari track on Spotify is a slightly different speed than the Steelix track, provided this SoundCloud track is the same as the Spotify track you linked.

as to how to enter the Sikari release, I’d enter it with a January 2022 release date, with a note about the 1993 credited release date in the annotation. also, you might add a samples relationship to either the original Lloyd recording or maybe the Steelix recording, if there’s more obvious elements from the latter.


I was going to wait for the topic to be moved before replying, but based on jesus2099’s and aerozol’s recent comments I think I’m allowed to continue this here.

Turns out the song was disabled again (for the second time…) sometime between when I posted and when you tried to listen to it.

Also, the SoundCloud release is different than the Spotify: the SoundCloud repeats the full intro (the part where the song moves from the left to right speaker, then back to the left) twice while the Spotify release(s) only goes from left to right once before getting into the lyrics.

I can’t really prove that the track art is the same now that the song is disabled. Somehow the re-upload is still up though.

Regarding adding the release to MB, would I make a new recording or use the Spotify steelix recording (seperate from the SoundCloud one)? And would this release be part of the same release group?

yeah, Spotify is real fun when they remove and add songs… I know the feel :sweat_smile:

if the two tracks are slightly different edits, then they should be different recordings. the only thing that doesn’t mean a new recording is an early fade-in/fade-out or a different master. in fact, that’s why I assumed the SoundCloud version was the same as the Spotify version, because currently they’re the same recording.

in terms of release group, I don’t really know. I haven’t seen much consensus on where to separate release groups, save for like, video singles and audio singles, different language lyrics, and re-recorded releases are all three usually separate. just follow your heart~ :wink:

edit: thinking about it again, the two Steelix releases are probably the same release group, since there’s not much difference between them…

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The song went back up today and I can confirm that the track art is the same as the Sikari release. :slight_smile:

Edit: and it’s down again…