Help needed - can't attach TOC (disc ID)


It’s a while ago that a used MusicBrainz and now I have a problem that I didn’t have before. Picard can’t find my CD in the database, but after clicking “Lookup manually” I can find it (searching by artist):

This CD already has two disc ID’s associated with it and presumably my CD has yet another disc ID. However, at no stage do I see the “Attach TOC” button mentioned in the manual. The only button I see once I have selected the album is “Add selected releases for merging”.
Similarly, I can’t add a disc ID to a release that I newly added:

I am probably being stupid somehow but I just can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. Your help is appreciated. Thanks.


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When you first do the lookup manually and search by artist, are you selecting the artist or selecting the radio button next to the artist in the list from the lookup? If you are clicking on the artist’s name (or the release name) and not the radio button, the Attach TOC button will not appear.


Oh dear, this is subtle. Yes, selecting the radio button does the trick. Many, many thanks!


Don’t feel bad. I still get caught on that from time to time. :slight_smile:


Have you checked that you have the same Swedish edition BIS-CD-267 / 7318590002674 ? :slight_smile:

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Yes, my CD has the same catalogue number and barcode. Just not the same disc ID. Thanks.


I am also affected with CD1 of a release I added recently:

CD1 has 10 tracks mentioned on the cover, actually it comes with 11 tracks. Thus I added that hidden track at the beginning of the CD.

Picard 2.0.4 properly claims that it doesn’t know about that disk. Trying to attach results in the following message in the web browser:

Lookup CD

CD Not Found

MusicBrainz does not have any CDs with the TOC:
1 11 242457 150 44942 61305 72755 96360 130485 147315 164275 190702 205412 220437

Who knows how to solve? I expect an issue with the hidden track as I haven’t faced any issues in adding disc IDs of disks with usual layout earlier.

As I understand you your problem is just that Picard does not find the disc by its disc ID. If that’s the issue it is because the disc ID has not yet been added to the disc.

To do this click on the lookup manually button in the disc lookup dialog of Picard. The MusicBrainz website will be opened where you can search for the release and attach the disc ID.

For a more detailed description look at

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Sorry, but my problem is not that I need some education on how to add a disk ID. It is the special case described above that teases me.
If there is anything hard to understand in my above post let me know, please.

Are you sure it’s actually a hidden track and not just an unlisted one? If it’s not a hidden track the CD TOC will list 11 tracks on the disc and thus the Disc ID won’t match since it sees 11 tracks, but the release only has 10 “proper” tracks.


Ok, now I see. I think @Freso is right here. You added this track as a “pregap” track, but the TOC rather looks like it is just a regular track that should be playable on any CD player without any special needs (pregap tracks cannot be played by all players, and often you have to rewind before the normal first track to play them).

If it is a regular track that is just not listed on the cover you should change it to not be marked as a pregap track. Then you should be able to attach the disc ID to that release via


Thanks for clarification, Freso. Made it in editing the medium, then adding the disc ID.

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If you look at the tracklist page I think you will find you could keep the numbering starting at zero as the track IDs are editable. That would then allow the release to still line up with the tracklist as per the printed cover.

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I like your proposal, IvanDobsky. Made it in