discID lookup problem (artist search: use radio button but not artist link)

Dear all,

as already pointed out in the link attached, there might be a problem with the discID lookup initiated from Picard.
After artist search you have to click the radio button - but >not< the link with the artist name - to see the list of open TOCs to attach to.

Wouldn’t it be easy, straightforward and helpful to add some text and hint on the web page? Of course, one could disable the artist links or make them go into the “open TOC” direction as well…

Or am I missing something?
Thanks for your support!

I’m using the web interface in German.

Thanks a lot!
Well, now I know that for attaching discIDs I have to click the radio button. And not the equally clickable artist link.

But from a “user-friendly” or an “application programming” point of view thats not completly satisfying.

The data base is probably happy about more discIDs added.
And my suggestion to add some text is an easy solution…

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Dear @wmorg,

I didn’t completely read your message as the title and the beginning suggested it was about Picard. So I quickly moved it to the seemingly most appropriate category. Sorry for the mistake.

Can you please give an example URL or a screenshot to help us with understanding the issue?

See also how to report an issue.

Danke schön.

I took the freedom to edit the title and move it the MusicBrainz category to avoid confusion.

I think the issue is with the general design of the lookup / add disc ID workflow. It is easy to get misguided here, especially for a user not familiar with MB editing. If a disc ID is not found in the database the user can search for a fitting release either by artist or release. The search result contains clickable entries (e.g. links 5o the release). If a user clicks there they are out of the disc ID submission procss

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will produce screenshots - but right now all discs coming into my hand have discIDs…

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the workflow is like this:

discID not found in Picard

MusicBrainz opens, user is logged in

search result for artist

clicking the artist link opens the artist page in MB - thats not what I want or expect as a user at this point of the workflow

but when activating the radio button
discID 5 radiobutton active

the expected window opens

OK, I know and will not forget.
I have a tiny bit of application programming.
This kind of fork in the workflow might have technical reasons, thats OK.
But for a user at least some hint in the text what to do to get to the CD-TOC attach window would be kind.

Thanks for your support!
(Perhaps its only the German version?)


Thank you for the details, I copied your suggestion to our tickets tracker for follow-up:

Then I submitted a patch that adds the following help text ahead of results:

Click the radio button to select the appropriate artist, or click the artist’s name to get more info.

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