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I have read a lot of documentation and have been tagging music for a long time but maybe I am too old to figure out how MusicBrainz works.

How can I improve this entry so that recording artist appears? And whatever else that needs adding. I read about the relationship editor but didn’t find anything specific enough and step by step that I understood.

Any help is very appreciated! Thanks!

Hit the [Edit Relationships] tab at the top of the release page.

For example:
Do you have same performers on all the tracks? Or each track different?

On the left side, if you want to set the same Orchestra on everything, tick the blue tick at the top of the column to tick all tracks and use “Batch-add a relationship to recordings” to select artist \ orchestra.

To do just one recording use the Add Relationship under that one recording.

If not orchestra, you can select “instruments” in that same box. And then add details of that instrument.


Thanks! I had not followed the edit relationships menus far enough. And adding related works gets the composer?

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Yes, the related works will link in the composer. “Works” is the sheet music. “Recording” is that performance.

Looks like you are getting the hang of it. :slight_smile:

Poke around on the relationships side and you’ll see you can add all kinds of details like recording locations, etc.


I still don’t see something like this with recording artist

under the overview as I do for

I am not sure what you are now asking. But if it is about Composer vs Performer credits on the Release page then I am outta here as that ain’t my area. Classical is too weird for me.

that’s because the recording artist and the track artist is the same. note the difference between “Recording by” at the top of the recording page vs the table below on track 1 of the other release

under the Classical Style Guidelines, the track artist should be the composer and the recording artist will be the performers

the easiest way to make this change (without having to individually edit each recording) is to edit it via the release editor (the Edit tab), go to the Tracklist tab therein, and change the artist credits to the performers (as credited on the front or back cover), on the Recordings tab, check the “Copy all track artist credits to associated recordings” box, enter the edit, then cancel the tracklist edit

you’ll then do the same for the composer on the track artists, but don’t check the box on the Recordings tab this time

one other change, the release title shouldn’t have the composer or performer names; those should only be in the artist field (in 99% of cases, see the page on Release and Release Group Titles for more detail)

(if it might help, I can add images later, but I’m currently away from my computer…)


That sounds good but I did not have success :smiley:

There’s also a very nice userscript you may want to try, which replaces the Recording Artists by the Performers you added with the relationships editor:

It’s: Guides / Userscripts - MusicBrainz (“Replace recording artist from recording AR” – First one in the list)

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Not clear to me how/where to use that script but thanks.

You would need an extension for your browser (such as “Tampermonkey” or “Violentmonkey”) that then lets you run scripts like this one on the site.

If you are hoping to edit classical music on MusicBrainz a fair bit I very much suggest looking into userscripts.

More generally, this might be of some use: The Classical Editor Toolbox

I installed it via Tampermonkey but didn’t see how to use it. I used the discogs and bandcamp import scripts which are indeed super handy.

I don’t mind doing things the slow way if there are steps I can follow. Next up is

which does not seem to be anywhere that has an importer script. So starting from scratch on that one.

(I am mostly doing this so Roon will be able to identify things)

It is used from the release page, on the sidebar, under “loujine GM tools” - works only if the performers are available as a relationship already for the relevant recordings, but I guess they are here.

It does exist digitally for what it’s worth:

(so you could import a digital version, then add a CD based on that from the release group page)

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Is there an Apple Music importer script?

there’s not a userscript, but there is a-tisket, which will import releases from Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music/iTunes

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That a-tisket is super handy! Thanks!

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