HD Tracks Importer Script?

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I don’t know how to do it, so I’m asking the script makers (you know who you are :-). ) to make an importer for HD Tracks. It seems to me it’d be relatively easy as all HD Tracks have a very easily accessed API. Example:

In The Wee Small Hours (hdtracks.com)

API: https://hdtracks.azurewebsites.net/api/v1/album/5df2295f0bee25c09bc1a367

As you can see the API just has the hd tracks number after the # on the end.



It might help if we had URL verification for HDTracks.


Gods among men :raised_hands:


Their API looks promising at first sight:

  • barcode & ISRCs
  • durations with sub-second precision
  • copyrights and label are separate fields
  • differentiates between release date and original release date
  • provides performer credits

Shortcomings of their data:

  • artists and labels are only identified by name
  • multiple artists/labels are a single entity

Maybe I will have a look at it, but I do not have enough time to do this at the moment. I have bookmarked the topic for later :sweat_smile:


Here you go! In addition to the release editor on MusicBrainz you can also seed @kepstin’s MagicISRC with the ISRCs from HDtracks:

Please install it from the above page (by clicking the Raw button) and give it some testing to see if it works as expected for you (before I will submit a PR to include it in murdos’ repository where most of the other importers have their home). I have only tested the userscript without having an account there, so let me know if it behaves different for logged in users.

There were also some decisions I had to made on which I would like to hear your thoughts:

  • Link type: purchase for download (you can’t stream music there, can you?)
  • Release country: empty (definitely not worldwide, see screenshot above)
  • Script: Latin (I have seen nothing else, not even for K-Pop releases I had a look at)
  • Disambiguation: e.g. 192kHz/24bit
  • Annotation: (C) & (P) copyright lines, release credits (unclear to which tracks they apply)
    → both could also be copied from the page manually

As an aside, I really should document the seeding protocol for magicisrc - it actually supports an alternate parameter form like isrc2-12=XXX to set the isrc for track 12 on disc 2, if your source has the discs in the release separated.

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