Great forum design; pity about the design of the site it supports

This forum is great; really slick design. Wondering if any thought has been put into upgrading the design of the musicbrainz site? Even the beta version looks like something Gracenote designed in 1999, and I’m anxious new users will arrive, see it’s clearly not current, and create or contribute to a competing compendium of compilations, collaborations, and compact discs.


Yes, there are plenty of design revamp tickets in the works.
It will happen, the move to React for all forms needs to be completed first.
Many of us know the UX isn’t pretty but y’know what it’s functional, and I’d prefer that than anything else.
It also loads super fast.
It does however look like poo on both mobile devices and on hi-dpi screens.


the forum software (Discourse) is also independently developed, so I also don’t think we’ve got that much control over the design of the forum websites

believe me, I think many of us are patiently* waiting for the great MusicBrainz redesign~



You have it backwards. The site is great, but the forum is annoying. For example…why is the reply box a pop-up that takes up three thirds of my screen?

And I am saddened to hear from the above replies that the design is changing.

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You can feed back on on redesign drafts on this ticket, or this forum thread. They are a bit outdated, as I have been working on ListenBrainz and other things in the meantime (while the MB React migration continues), but there should still be plenty to look at.

The proposed redesign is inspired by the most widely-used UI userscripts, as well as open tickets, so it should be an improvement - I would be surprised if there are any top editors who don’t use a lot of scripts (does anyone browse the site at 100% size?), so there is a case for improvement there.

In any case, feedback now, rather than cry later :slight_smile:


I mostly use MB on smartphone, where I often zoom in and out to be able to select or click things.

But on desktop, I never change zoom factor from 100%.
What size is better?

I use 110%. I think it’s the only site that I zoom in on, lol. I think it’s mostly good like it is. I am getting some serious hangups on voting for edits page where it bogs down my whole computer. Though I suspect it’s being caused by script issues.

Wow, had anyone else experienced this?

I don’t remember having any performance issues in MB with many userscripts (but maybe not the same), and I am always using cheap/old PC (that can play no video games at all, even not Civilization 2).

I’m also using Redmi 7 Android 9 smartphone with many userscripts, which runs faster than my PC, indeed.

It’s also happening when I look at edit history as well. I think it has to do with images loading on the pages, but I can’t seem to narrow it down. It still does it a little sometimes even when I have scripts off, but not near as bad. I too, would like to know if anyone else is having this issue.

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Next time it happens, please post:

  • page URL
  • browser
  • OS
  • userscript engine
  • active userscripts list on that specific page


Not necessarily better - it depends on the strength of your peepers I guess :smiley:
I view it at 110 or 125% depending on the monitor and resolution.

Unless there is a lot of user feedback and good reasons, I will advocate for the default font size to go to 14 (from the current 12) to align with current norms and accessibility standards.

Hmm, I run a lot of scripts (Chrome + Tampermonkey), no issues here.