Google+ shutting down; what to do about extant links

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I figured I’d make a new thread for this rather than necro-bump our existing one. (Mods, please merge this thread if you see fit.)
As you all may know, Google announced today that they’re shutting down Google+. I personally have submitted dozens if not hundreds of Google+ links for artists, and I was wondering if I/we should start adding Wayback Machine links for them.


If the aim is to keep web archive links, IMO, we just should mark them as ENDED.
The wayback machine links should be automatically displayed in this case.

But we should really not manually input any wayback machine URLs, it’s counter productive and endless task (imagine if their format changes or if it migrates to another site, etc.).


Very much agreed - the “ended” attribute for links is overlooked and very useful.


I don’t know how to use it.
No, what I mean is… I don’t even see the option for it.

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It used to be a lot easier than it is now. Now you have to go into the “Relationships” tab, click on the “info” blurb next to the URL and click the “Edit” tab on the next screen.


I think that all artist links should be automatically submitted to the various web archives for preservation.


I would support that idea for non-social media links.

You’re not the only one thinking that. :slight_smile:


I submitted that ticket! :joy_cat:


Now that Google+ is discontinued, is there any plans on what to do regarding all the links on MB?

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A large part of G+ has been archived at least.

Profiles: Saved! (98.6%)
Communities: Partially saved
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