Good reasons you've given for Merging Recordings : A Collection

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Added a scintilating reason for Merging a Recording in an Edit Note?

Add it here and let others appreciate the elegance.

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Here are the easiest ones I can think of:

  • Two or more recordings sharing an AcoustID (or several)
  • Two or more recordings sharing an ISRC
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Various same year editions of the same album.

Various editions of the same album with no reasons to suspect clean version, remix, new recording or whatnot.


Same per compilation liner notes (e.g. when the compilation says “From the album…”)

Citation of curated discographies either online (such as ) or in printed form ( e.g. The Music of Bill Monroe by Ivan Rosenberg and Charles K. Wolfe).

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“I have both tracks”

Edit: jokes aside, I could append links to spectrograms, not a big deal, but what is realistically the best retention time on image hosting sites? A few months? A year tops? That would only produce proofs with expiration date.


I have ear checked all tracks for these 2 recordings.

I do this too. :slight_smile:
And even when I have ripped both, I have several times listened to two recordings simultaneously in Audacity to clear out some doubts.


My very frequent recording merge note: “Similar duration, same/sole AcoustID” (I try to avoid merging when there are a lot of AcoustIDs involved because it’s hard to be sure which release had which AcoustID.

Occasionally I also add something noting that there may be an additional AcoustID which seems to be a one-off with no other data connected to it.


Whoops. I meant to reply to this a while back, but guess I never got around to it. Just saw it in my forum bookmarks again just now. Anyway:

I’d like to think most of my edit notes are fairly decent:

Whenever I post something on an image host or a pastebin, I try to immediately also archive it in the Internet Archive. I feel like this should provide a pretty good retention time. (Also, images I’ve uploaded to Imgur (non‐anonymously) a couple of years ago are still available, so depending on your image host, several years doesn’t seem unreasonable for this, even without additional archiving…)