Foobar2000 MusicBrainz tagging components: foo_musicbrainz and foo_musicbrainz64

Hello foobar2000 users.

I’ve had some new PC (office and personal) to setup recently (personal then office PC both broke down).
I am wondering the status of foo_musicbrainz.

Now we have two components from the official components page:

Name Tags Last Update Description
MusicBrainz Tagger 0.5.0 MusicBrainz, tagging 2023-02-23 Allows tagging files using data from MusicBrainz.
MusicBrainz64 1.2.9 MusicBrainz, tagging 2023-05-09 [Not my component] Allows tagging files using data from MusicBrainz.

The original was by Dremora but was abandoned when Dremora got a Macintosh.
The marc2k3 fork that was abandoned when he left MusicBrainz.


MusicBrainz Tagger seems to be the one I know, it appears nicely in the Tagging menu.
It has links to OHP, etc. Apparently kbuffington is managing it, now.

MusicBrainz64 appears at the root of the menu (less clean, IMO).
It has no links to OHP, etc. Apparently it has been uploaded by but is not managed by grimes.

I am still wondering which does what, what is the difference.
Which one should be installed… :thinking:


The correct foo_musicbrainz is currently the first one: MusicBrainz Tagger by @MordredKLB / kbuffington.

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MusicBrainz64 is, as the name suggests, 64-bit only and:

This version is my personal copy and has none of the features that were added by MordredKLB.


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MordredKLB? Wow, there is another version?
Wow, too bad that Dremora got a Mackintosh… I still don’t know.
The first one sounds better, I will try that…

MordredKLB = kbuffington

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Yes, I just found out at the same time!
So, I guess first in the list is the best, by @MordredKLB = kbuffington.

Maybe the second one should be removed from OHP as it seems to only add confusion, at first sight.

The uploader says not my component, it does not have the features of the other component, and that other one also supports 64 bit.

Am I right?

BTW now everything is fine!

There is only the good component in foobar2000 OHP:

And the topic in our forum is handled by latest author Mordred:

I think it’s good to know how this foobar2000 plugin write the fetched MusicBrainz data back into the tracks:

Source: MusicBrainz Tagger | foo_jscript_panel

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More or less the same reason that Taggerscript: Compatible MP3 tags exists.